So what are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving at my place was pretty interesting. I went to my uncle Hi-Dong’s place in San Jose. First here’s something about my family. I’m the oldest of my family, and my dad is the oldest of his family. Also, his dad is the oldest (at least oldest male) of his family. And there are a lot of people. Like at one point, 10 or 11 kids. At any rate, what that means is I’m the oldest by far of my generation, and I’m still waiting for others. So I’ve got a few cousins, like my dad’s brothers 2 daughters, and one of my dad’s cousin has a child now. But a lot of my dad’s cousin’s are still pretty young. Like Julie Chai is actually my dad’s cousin, and she’s in the journalism school at Stanford, only 3 years older than me.

Actually, it’s the same way with my mom, because she’s the oldest, and her dad was also the oldest. So I’m also waiting a lot on that side as well. Also on my mom’s side she has a cousin Ann who went to Stanford and was a senior when we were freshmen. At any rate, I’m the oldest of my generation on both sides of the family. It’s kind of a cool thing. But since the age difference is kind of weird, I’ll often refer to people as my uncle or cousin even though they’re actually my dad or mom’s uncle or cousin. Like my cousin Susan Cho Van Riesen is my mom’s cousin. And Uncle Hi-Dong.

At any rate, I went there for Thanksgiving and it was fascinating. His wife, my aunt Phyllis is Caucasian, and dinner there is always great. First of all because Aunt Phyllis is an incredible cook and the food it always fantastic. But this year in particular was interesting because it was like East meets West. A lot of Caucasian Americans with Korean Americans and one Japanese national plus a Korean high school student. Just a really interesting mix.

Anyway, I found out stuff about Uncle Hi-Dong that I had not known before. There was this yearbook from like Stonybrook High School in Long Island or something, apparently some private boys school, but it was from like 1955, and he was in it. That was pretty interesting.

You know what, I just realized I don’t feel like typing. Oh well. Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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