I hope everyone read that entry on stuff my church does that is cool.

As you may know, I started looking through my web logs and there’s some weird stuff. Apparently, my pages come up in altavista web searches for Hebrews and the Thomas Crowne Affair. I feel sorry for those poor people looking for something useful and coming across my page instead.

Here’s a random link: This link has a link to me. Who the heck is this person? How does he/she know me? Random.

Another random link

Other searches my page comes up on: Go to Google.com and type “who hates Jerry Reinsdorf”. Or try “Thomas Crowne Affair”. Or “Derek Naked Butt”. Or “women laugh at naked men”. Actually, a disturbing trend is that a few people enter in phrases in search engines in search of porn (you can tell by the search phrase) and end up at my bold claims page, because it has words like naked and stuff like that, and mixed in with some other words on the bold claims page, I guess my page comes up. Like I said disturbing. Well, maybe they’ll come to Christ by it. I have to say though, that anyone who wants a picture of Goran Ivanisevic naked has serious, serious problems.

Anyway, Dave realized that a bunch of random people read his page. I’ve realized that a lot less people read my page than I thought, which is encouraging. It’s just that they are from random places. Who are you, ariel.sun.com? And portcullis.usia.gov? It’s weird.

I went to the KCPC YAG retreat yesterday and today and it was extraordinary. The message last night, given by Pastor Tim Lee from LA Hanmi, was extraordinary. I would write down the outline here, but it wasn’t really that the content was extraordinary, just how it impacted me. I can’t really explain that. But it was absolutely wonderful. Wow.

In regards to that apologetics thing that’s bantered about, the reason I’m hesitant is that, well you might as well know, I don’t feel that I have the most conservative views in the world. In fact, many fundamentalists might say I have slightly heretical views, not in the joking sense but in the real sense. Obviously, I don’t think it’s heretical, but I don’t know if everyone would agree. Which is fine with me, it’s just not all fundamentalists are as willing to agree to disagree on the points which I consider to be inessentials.

I’m not one of those liberal weirdos that don’t believe that most of the Bible is true or that Jesus was just a man or that heaven isn’t real or stuff like that, I just have different views on some other things. So you wouldn’t want me to contribute to an apologetics book where you find I’m espousing ideas that aren’t ultra conservative.

So I’m just afraid my views will disturb or discourage you, although it shoudn’t. A side note – I’ve come to the view recently, well, you know, there are some people who get discouraged by things often. Or by people. I have come to the viewpoint that the right thing to do isn’t always to avoid the behavior that discouraged them. One of the attributes of love, according to St. Paul, is that love is not easily discouraged. At certain, infrequent times, when someone gets discouraged by what someone says, it may be that the hearer is the one with the problem, incomplete in love. OK, enough preaching.

Anyway, I don’t want to unnecessarily discourage those super fundamentalists out there, like those who think Billy Graham is satanic because he associates with Catholics (surf the web – they’re out there). But from time to time, I think on occassion I’ll write what I think about certain issues. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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