Starting last summer, I tried to get into wine. I bought Wine for Dummies and everything.

I gave up. It’s too complicated, and right now, my palate can’t distinguish well enough (unless it’s a really bad wine), and to get that level of taste would require far too much money.

Nevertheless, I do enjoy a nice glass of wine with a special meal, although I drink wine about about once every 2 or 3 months . What various books say, though, is that there are no rules. You should drink what you like, with whatever you want, regardless of what wine snobs might think.

For example (this is for Janice, as if she reads this page), White Zinfandel is considered a wussy wine. It’s very mild, kind of fruity, and aimed towards people who don’t really like other (stronger) wines. So wine snobs look down on it as not a very serious wine. But personally, I like it as a nice mild wine. It’s almost like a fruit punch wine. I’m not really sure what foods it goes with, but what do I know.

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