First of all, Dave’s last short entry is not a short entry. Make it a main entry, dork.

Second, he’s wrong. Ben Shin should write the book. I guess my philosophy is (in a way) you can’t really find out about the other side’s perspective unless the other side shares it, you know? What I mean is, how is the 1st generation going to know the 2nd generation’s side unless someone tells them? That’s exactly why Ben needs to write the book.

I guess we just disagree about the order of things. He things people don’t have a right to talk about the other side until they understand them. I think people can’t really understand the other side until people talk about it, write about it.

Dave, I think it too idealistic. He thinks in the reverse of how I do, I think. For example, thinking that perfect (or at least much better) understanding of each side in 1st / 2nd generation Koreans can, and thus should happen before dialogue. I just think that’s unrealistic.

In terms of church, I have my own theories as to what particular churches should do. Dave’s idea of how to get ideal churches involves first changing the very fabric of American society. Actually, that’s not true. He wants to change all of American, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean society. Then you can get a good church. Maybe I’m saying it wrong, but that’s the impression I get.

So what I’m saying is that maybe Dave’s ideas are ideal, but I don’t know how realistic they are.

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