There are (at least) two ways to “share” about an experience. One way is the good way. You just share about what’s happening to you, and that’s pretty much it. But there’s this way that I hate, where you talk about an experience in such a way as to make other people reading it feel bad. That is, you just kind of use a tone where you make it sound like you’re cooler, and the reader is less cool, because they haven’t experienced the same thing that you have, or they don’t think about the same things you have, or whatever. Basically, they try to make other people jealous, either intentionally or not, and I absolutely hate that.

So I’m wondering whether I should write about the road trip. I don’t know, for me it’s just been very memorable, and worth writing about, and not just in my personal journal. I probably will, but I’ll try to be good about it. That is, not make other people feel bad about it. That’s not my intention.

At any rate, I’m currently doing exactly what I wanted to be doing at Dave’s house. I’ve been browsing the Internet for 2 hours. Dave is playing computer games on his Mac Classic. His sister is just kind of hanging around. Yes, we are losers. But it’s exactly what I want to be doing.

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