So everyone knows I’m into sports talk. I’ve analyzed it, and one key to a good call is being able to talk without saying “umm” or “uh”. It doesn’t matter how slowly you end up speaking, just eliminating those things does wonders. In fact, I think this goes for public speaking in general. If you want to be a good public speaker, just start by getting rid of “ums” and “uhs”.

Anyway, in the Korean Christian world, we have the same thing, except it’s “Lord” and “Father God” in prayers. And “just”. Seriously, listen to a typical Korean American praying and it sounds like, “Lord we just thank you Father God for Lord just blessing us Father God in our lives Lord God. And Lord we just pray Father God that You would just work Father God in our hearts.” If you want to be a better prayer, learn to pray without those fallback words. I mean, not in personal prayers, just when you pray publically. It’s less distracting. That’s my claim.

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