I liked Sammy’s recent thoughts. Some counter thoughts:

It’s just a wild guess, but my guess is Eric.

Dude, Mark, stop being a stalker.

So, I’m very much in favor of distributing responsibility. Both to give other people a chance to serve, and also to avoid leader burnout. Both of these things are problems in traditional church structure, I think. Like, I’m against leaders of small groups necessarily having to be the teacher as well. Why should this be? Why is a good leader a good teacher? And why is a good teacher a good leader? They’re disjoint, though not exclusively so, sets of people. Making the leader be the teacher is bad for people who have one gift but not the other. It either forces them to do something they can’t, or doesn’t allow people who can do one to do anything.

Anyway, that model is OK in college I guess where the mindset is decidedly short term, but, the problems are magnified outside of a college ministry context, I think. Burnout is a serious problem.

Umm, that was a big sidetrack. The reason I’m saying this is because I’m in favor of having people help worship team. IV used to (stil does? I don’t know) I think have this system where people outside of worship team helped them move equipment before and after meetings and stuff.

I’m a big fan of this idea for FiCS/KCPC. You know, setting up and cleaning up sucks. It builds humility, and that’s good, but it also totally separates (in a large way) worship team, and that’s bad. So, distribute responsibility. Have people volunteer to help out, rotate them so they’re not always unable to do whatever before/after service, and train them so they know what to do. I’m not saying worship team should do nothing. It’s just, set up and cleanup time has been taking forever recently. I think with enough informed people, it could take 10 minutes.

I’m all in favor of worship team cleaning up – it’s a good exercise in service. But, not at the expense of separating them from the very people they’re supposed to be leading into worship. And, because of the unique situations of FiCS and at church, that’s what ends up happening with setup and cleanup. And that’s not right.

So I’m in favor of equipment committee. Seriously, the separation is just wrong. Someone make it happen.

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