So as you know, it’s a crazy sports week in the Bay Area. Both the A’s and Giants are in the playoffs (down with New Yawk, baby), the Sharks start playing this week, and the Niners and Raiders are playing on Sunday, something that hasn’t happened in the regular season in years. It’s pretty exciting, especially if you listen to sports talk radio.

Anyway, JT the Brick is understandably going crazy. And he’s a Yankees fan, so, he was pretty pissed off tonight. I was listening to the evening show, and dude, I was scared. I’m not joking. He’s talking about the A’s / Yankees game, and all of a sudden he just starts yelling at Joe Torre at the top of his lungs for using Knobloch as DH. It sounded like he was about to cry, he was yelling so loud. That’s some serious passion.

Anyway, get excited Bay Area. I hope it’s another A’s / Giants world series. And I hope there’s another earthquake so housing prices become more reasonable. Hope no one gets hurt, though.

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