There was an article in the Mercury yesterday about the school reunion craze in Korea, like that ILoveSchool website that matches up long lost friends. Pretty interesting.

The interesting thing was the angle it took – that its popularity in Korea is unique, because school ties are so important there. Like, how in government, they often give positions to old school friends. I don’t know, it amazes me how my parents keep in touch with their high school and college friends. My mom recently went on a reunion trip to the Grand Canyon with her college classmates. It’s been like 31 years. Anyway, they apparently all shared their lives and cried together and all that. I don’t know, it’s very weird.

And when I was younger, we would every once in a while go to some get together with my dad’s classmates, either high school or college. He went to the best high school (Kyunggi? I forget the name) and best college (Seoul National) and apparently people who went to both are part of this powerful clique. But yeah, at any rate, it amazes me how they keep in touch.

The article was kind of funny also. Some people are obsessed, like they have reunions every day. And there was this one story of how it ruined a guy’s life, like his girlfriend refound her first love through the site or something. Anyway, interesting article.

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