So I saw two DVDs this weekend, Mission Impossible 2 and The Music Man. I actually enjoyed MI2 a lot better the second time, which is odd. Maybe because I saw it with Jieun? I don’t know. But it was just more entertaining.

I liked the Music Man, even though the lead guy was annoying. I don’t know, the movie’s just interesting to me because it has really interesting cadence in the songs, interesting lyrics, and is a really interesting slice of American life in the early 20th century. Stuff like how they all get excited about the Wells Fargo wagon. Stuff like that. Very interesting.

There was a particularly interesting line the girl sings like “I want to find a man who cares more about me than he does about himself, and more about us than he does about me.” Just an interesting line.

Also, random, but Ron Howard is in it, and so is the voice of Scuttle (the seagull? I think that’s his name) in The Little Mermaid.

Anyway, something I realized about old musicals. I just think they’re a lot more subtle than movies nowadays. Like, in a lot of them, like things just happen that to me just seems to come out of nowhere. Like, in My Fair Lady, the end is just weird to me. Like, do they like each other for real? It’s a little weird. And like, with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, when she gets pregnant, it’s just like what? When did that happen? Anyway, with the Music Man, I don’t understand why she falls for him and why. I mean, they kind of explain it, but when it happens and how she realizes it, it’s just very subtle.

Uh, no one watches musicals anymore and no one cares. Oh well.

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