The other night I was at this Japanese restaurant and they were showing Japanese TV. Anyway, while we were there, the Japanese version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was on. It was fascinating – it’s nearly identical to the U.S. version. Exact same studio set up, exact same music, the host looked like Regis Philbin, and kind of dressed the same way also. Just bizarre.

Anyway, while we were watching, I guess someone made it to the last question, and seriously, they extended the drama forever, like for 15 minutes. It was insane. He ended up getting it right, and then the screen kept flashing “Smallionaire.” I don’t know what the heck that is supposed to mean. But anyway, it was fascinating.

There was another time I was watching Japanese TV at home and this show came on and the guy was wearing the most disturbing outfit I have ever seen. It was a body suit that only covered half of his body – vertically. So an entire half of his body was exposed. I’m talking the full butt cheek, everything. He must have shaved his pubes, because there was no hair there, and he had creatively tucked his sausage and potatoes into the other (covered) side but it was absolutely repulsive.

The worst part was he kept doing like aerobic exercises, jiggling all the exposed parts. The horror.

I’m serious, those Japanese have some deep problems.

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