I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. And remembered to give thanks.

I had dinner at my great-uncle’s house. His life is really interesting because he came to America when he was 16, in like 1953. Anyway, he told a great story about when he was attending UT Austin in 1955. The first time he got on a bus, he didn’t know where to sit. All the whites were sitting in the front, and all the blacks were sitting in the back. His first instinct was to sit in the middle. But then that would indicate that he’s inferior to whites, and superior to blacks. Anyway, it’s an interesting dilemma.

I also met a woman, and there were a couple teachers there so they talked about education. The topic got around to salaries. Anyway, her husband was a teacher, and when he got his first job near Davis, his weekly salary (this is either before or during WWII) was $600. When they found out he was married, they increased it to $800. I don’t know, that was just weird to hear.

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