So to my surprise, I’ve found that I like Roger Ebert as a movie critic (watching the show I always liked Siskel much better). The thing is, every so often he writes articles on politics, and he’s so blatantly liberal it annoys me. Not him being liberal itself. Everyone has a right to believe what they want so whatever. It’s just that he’s so overwhelmingly so that it blinds him.

Here’s an article he wrote on November 24. I’ll just quote the first two paragraphs and the last one:

“Now the end game begins. By Sunday, all ballots that can be counted will be counted.

Al Gore has said he will abide by the final election results as certified by the State of Florida. Will George W. Bush? Or will his team, which attacks the Democrats for ‘wanting to keep counting until they win,’ try new legal and legislative maneuvers until they win? For Gore, there is an end in sight, one way or the other. For Bush, no end is in sight except a Bush victory….

Gore offers to meet with Bush to cool the air. Bush will not meet. Gore promises to abide by the final Florida decision. Bush will not abide. Which is more presidential?”

Hey Roger, Gore didn’t abide by the final election results certified by the state of Florida. Oops: you were wrong. What pissed me off about this article was how blind he was. I’m sure Bush would have done the same thing Gore did were the positions reversed. I’m not saying he’s better in this regard. They’re both politicians. But Ebert somehow believed that Gore was above it, that somehow he was nobler. I think time has shown that to be false. He fought until he had no more choice. Presidential my butt.

Another thing that made me angry is that Gore, while not supporting those lawsuits that wanted to throw out a bunch of overseas ballots, allowed them to continue. It just made me angry because it was so hypocritical considering his public stance: count every vote. If that’s really what he believed, he should have asked the people filing those lawsuits to stop. But he didn’t.

Anyway, I’m not saying Bush is any better. They’re both politicians, through and through. I watched the speeches last night – Bush is probably a little mentally slow, also. (But he struck me as way more sincere, though less intelligent, than slimy Gore.) I’m just saying, Ebert’s articles anger me because it’s so partisan it’s blind. Like he wrote an article today that says, “The Democrats were on the whole more civil in their public statements.”

My goodness. Give me a break. Both sides were dirty and did employed all the rhetoric they could to win. Argh, blindness.

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