So, I’m reading Michael Crichton’s latest book, Timeline. It’s pretty good so far. But, I like most of Michael Crichton’s books. And hate his endings. Let’s see, I’ve read Jurassic Park, Sphere, Disclosure, Rising Sun, Airframe, Congo, and now Timeline. Huh, I guess that isn’t that many. And actually, I guess the endings to all of them weren’t that bad. It’s just that, the ending to Congo was terrible, and the endings to Sphere and Airframe so bad, I think I wrote this before, but I was so angry after reading them I had to punch my pillow.

The endings I liked the most were the books that were least technical: Disclosure and Rising Sun. Yeah, Disclosure had some Virtual Reality stuff, and Rising Sun had some imaging technology stuff, but they were mostly low tech stories, and I think had the best endings. They weren’t amazing, just the best of his books, I think.

Am I the only one that liked Disclosure and Rising Sun? Especially the second, I don’t know, the point of the entire book was to make us hate Japan, and personally, by the end, I was pretty convinced.

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