So, Bush named Condoleeza Rice as National Security Advisor. It’s interesting, because along with Colin Powell, now Bush has named two African-Americans to high level positions in his cabinet.

What I love about both of them is that it’s not a PC thing, you know? Naming minorities for the sake of naming minorities. Rather, they’re both eminently qualified for their jobs, and they just happen to be black. I like that a lot. I don’t know, I just hope the media recognizes that. Especially with Rice, I mean, anyone who knows anything about her knows she’s dope. I’m a big fan.

Speaking of which, I ran into Ruth Elliott at Gospel Books and she’s been working for “Condi” for the past few years, and now she’s going to Washington with her. That’s incredible. I don’t know, our friends are becoming powerful. Meanwhile, I’m spending most of my waking hours thinking up Keith slams and Clara raves. Pathetic.

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