So I go to church this morning. Among other people, I see Michele Yu. No surprise; that’s her church. Then I see Jen Sun. OK, kind of random, but it makes sense, I mean her family just moved here and she doesn’t have a church; she must have come with Michele. Then I see Michelle and Christina Cho. OK, random, why they came here instead of their own church, but whatever, maybe they accompanied Jen; it makes sense. Then I see Sunny Chung. I’m sorry, that was just utterly shocking. What the heck is Sunny Chung doing at my home church in Houston??? I did a double take, it was so bizarre. Turns out her parents moved to Houston. But utterly random.

I also found out that Jimmy Wu and Albert from Penn State regularly read this page. I don’t know, that’s just kind of weird to me. But, whatever, hello.

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