So I met someone from Korea the other day and I asked her about the new Taiji album. Like I said, I his second and third albums. The second is very kind of light hip hop. And it was apparently very popular. But I like the third one better. Just, it kind of takes chances relative to Korean music. And I appreciated that. But I asked my cousin what she thought of it and she didn’t like it as much; the impression I got was that it wasn’t that popular in Korea, and I believe it. All the music I heard while I was there sounded exactly the same. Dance pop. Everything.

So with this new album, I don’t know, I was shocked at how non-Korean music is sounded. Like I said, it’s very heavy, like extremely so, and I don’t know, I just thought Koreans in general wouldn’t dig that. But this girl apparently knew the album and said she liked it, so, maybe there is hope for Korean music tastes. But I doubt it.

This girl by the way got an MBA from Harvard and apparently knows the cousin I was talking about that’s getting his PhD in Economics from there. I thought that was a nice way to tie in two previous short thoughts.

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