So, one thing I enjoy a lot is food. It’s kind of weird, for a skinny guy that doesn’t eat a lot, but whatever, I enjoy good food a lot. The thing about me is that I either go really cheap or really expensive. So I always get the fast food cheapo deals. Like in high school on Fridays we’d often go to Burger King and I often got 2 $0.99 Whoppers and water. At McDonald’s I usually get one McChicken, one McDouble, both $0.99, and a water. At JaBo, I get 2 of the following 3: Chicken Sandwich, Jumbo Jack, or Breakfast Jack with sausage instead of ham. All $0.99. Although sometimes I splurge with a Sourdough Jack. Greg Chong introduced me to Carl’s Jr.’s spicy chicken sandwich, which is about $1.29, and is the best deal on a spicy chicken sandwich.

But I like nice food also. I don’t know why I’m like that.

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