So, I watched a couple episodes of Iron Chef last night. The first episode was pretty good – peach battle. The uncomfortable thing is, I don’t know, those Japanese are just weird. But the guest chef was going through some personal problems. Like, his wife took his kids and left him soon before he appeared on the show. The thing is, they mentioned this prominently in the intro, and Fukui-san kept talking about it during the show. In fact, he read a totally personal letter from the chef’s wife during the competition. I don’t know, that’s just weird. Revealing someone’s personal problems in detail on national TV.

The second episode was one we had seen before, with no theme ingredient, just a theme – girls festival. Anyway, they talk about girls and chastity, and Fukui-san says how chastity isn’t what it used to be. Then he proceeds to ask one of the guests, a 17 year old actress, “How about you? Do you know the meaning of chastity?” Argh, so tense. She didn’t know what to say, she’s like, “uh… yes?” Yikes.

Anyway, the next battle on the tape is squid. I’m pretty excited.

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