Watched Reality Bites last night. I liked it. I found a few things interesting. Like, Winona Ryder is really attractive in this movie. I’ve seen her in other movies, like Heathers, Little Women, and the Age of Innocence (I think she’s in that) and never got that impression before. Another thing is, Ben Stiller directed the movie! I was surprised. Another cool thing was, it takes place in Houston, and there were these little touches I liked. Like, they had a Mattress Mac commercial. You probably don’t know who he is, but he’s the guy who owns Gallery Furniture in Houston. They hosted the first Bowl (absurd) in Houston this year.

Anyway, the weird thing is, I own the Reality Bites soundtrack and have for a while, but never saw the movie. So, it was a little weird being familiar with the soundtrack while watching the movie. I don’t know if this makes sense. But, I had the same experience with the Mission. I had the soundtrack first (an excellent soundtrack, by the way) before I saw the movie, so it was kind of weird seeing how they used the music I was familiar with.

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