So, I’m pretty much a Clinton-hater. You know, there are supposedly a number of people in Congress who just flat out hate Bill Clinton. I’m like one of those people.

What bothered me about the whole Monica Lewinsky thing is that a bunch of people kept saying, yeah so he cheated on his wife. Lots of people have done that. Give him a break. In other words, that it was all about sex.

That’s not what it was about at all, at least to me. It was the fact that he lied about it under oath – he perjured himself. That’s what made it relevant to the impeachment hearings. Not the sex. The perjury. And, he was political to the very end, just a slimy man. To finish the whole investigation, they settled it by having Clinton admit that he was less than honest under oath. Because he certainly was. But, I read his statement and it was just dishonest and slimy to the bitter end.

Personally, I think he deserved to be impeached. He freaking lied under oath. It is, of course, understandable, even if it’s wrong. But, the President of the United States has to be held to a higher standard. In particular, in regards to the law. His express job is to uphold the law, so he of all people needs to hold the law in high regard. And he clearly didn’t, and that’s what angered me most.

But he was clearly (to me) just a slimy character regardless. Anyway, this was just confirmed with the last thing he did before leaving office. He granted a grip of presidential pardons. To people including his brother and this guy who had contributed to his political funds in the past.

That’s just wrong. I mean, why the heck does Roger Clinton deserve a presidential pardon? And that other guy, I mean, everyone finds that slimy. Like Newsweek, and this editorial in the Mercury. That’s what gave me the greatest joy. The writer was like, I supported Clinton in everything he did, and this last act just lets me down. Yeah, it’s bitter of me, but I feel like it gives everyone a chance to see what a character he truly is. And that’s slimy.

Not to mention the way the Clintons accepted furniture from donors to furnish their new houses. Maybe not technically illegal. But super sketchy. That’s the Clinton legacy.

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