So, I find my own web page incredibly boring. When I read over my past thoughts or whatever, just compared to everyone else’s, I find it excruciatingly boring. I don’t understand why anyone reads it. And yet, people do.

So, I waver back and forth between whether my style of humor is funny to other people. I was reminded of our trip to East Asia – one of our teammates was Ekene, and I started the trend (during a bowling game in which they played Ricky Martin’s La Copa De Vida repeatedly. Also, in East Asia, they don’t aerosol spray the shoes, but they make you wear these netted socks, it’s like pantyhose on your feet. That’s more sanitary? I don’t get it.) of calling her Ekene the Destroyer.

The reason being, it’s absolutely absurd. If you don’t know her, she’s like one of the most gentle people you’ll ever meet. But, the absurdity caught on and I guess people thought it was funny.

But then like, I don’t know, I think my roses and raspberries are hilarious, but Eric Mao finds nary a one funny. What do you think? Check it out here. It’s pretty obvious which ones are mine and Dave’s.

The Falun Gong Show. Come on, that’s witty.

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