So this guy from work is an extreme swinger. I mean, extreme. Like, he’ll go all over the world for all night swing events. Not competitions. They just swing all night and sleep in random peoples’ places and stuff like that. It’s kind of crazy, but kind of cool to hear someone who’s passionate about something just for the love of it.

Anyway, I thought there are no places to swing anymore but he sometimes goes 6 nights a week, in various places throughout the city (note – none of these places is the Metronome. Apparently, the Metronome sucks). The interesting thing is, the one night that’s generally free is Friday night.

The reason being, real swingers tend to not drink much because it “affects their spin”. And of course, places make a lot of money from alcohol, so on Friday nights they prefer to have people who will drink.

I don’t know, something interesting I learned.

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