Don’t read this if you haven’t watched this week’s Survivor but plan to. If you haven’t seen it, I have a tape with all the episodes, so, we can watch it.

Last night’s episode of Survivor was one of the best hours of television I have seen in my entire life. I know, I’m hyperbolizing, but seriously, it was incredibly entertaining. From the total turnaround of power to the drama of the vote to the viewer discretion warning, absolutely incredible.

So, I doubt that Connie reads this page, but if you do, you have reason to watch the show again. Three big reasons, I think. Rodger, Elisabeth, and Colby. Rodger earned by undying affection last week – he just seems like such a good nice guy, a great witness, and the drama with him and last week’s challenge was just great. And Elisabeth shows herself more and more to be a really nice girl also. I don’t know, their relationship almost made me cry. It’s the fact that there’s this pure sweetness in the midst of all this evil and conniving. It’s moving.

Anyway, Colby has shown himself to be much more intelligent than we could have imagined. Even when Jerri was trying to work him, he showed that he knew what was up. And especially this week. Oh my goodness. He must have engineered the fight back, and it was absolutely brilliant. Because, he rightly recognized that Jerri’s stupid plan was idiotic – it eliminated a strong member of the tribe. You can’t do that.

The whole time, Jerri’s been eliminating people whom she perceived to be long term threats. But in the meantime, she’s been sacrificing the short term – winning the immunity challenges. And as it turns out, these short term effects have a huge effect on the long term – winning the immunity challenges gives you the best odds in preserving yourself, and you need your team to survive in numbers to survive the merger. So, in a nutshell, Jerri is both evil and stupid.

Anyway, Colby, in one fell swoop, toppled Jerri’s power, eliminated the weakest member of the tribe, thus maximizing their tribes chances for survival, and became the most powerful member of the tribe. It was an absolutely brilliant move.

Anyway, everyone who watches the show needs to read the Salon episode guides. They are awesome. You can find them here. I highly, highly recommend them.

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