So, I’m not criticizing this or saying it’s wrong at all, but I don’t understand people who go to Viennese Ball year after year. Again, I think it’s fine and good, just, I don’t understand it myself. Is it still a lot of fun? I don’t know, to me it seems to drop it from “magical” or “special” status to just “a fun thing to do” if you go too many times. Wouldn’t you rather just go once or twice and remember it as a special event, than just something you did every year?

I don’t know, I think it’s just me though. Like, I was kind of hesitant to go to Viennese the second time. But it turned out to be great – the first time was magical because it was exciting and new and I had a great date, and the second time was just a ton of fun because we had reached a level of complete comfortability with each other, so we weren’t worried about how we danced or looked or anything, but just had purely a fun time.

But yeah, I’m just into keeping things special by not doing it too much, but I know most people aren’t like me. But is it even fun to go every year? Doesn’t it lose some of the magic? But yeah, maybe it’s just me.

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