Our apartment is sinking.

If you look at our patio area, there are cracks all over. And there’s a long crack on the wall in the living room right by the light switch. Also, on many of the windows that face a certain direction (facing Wilkie), they don’t fit right. On one side, there’s a space at the bottom, and on the other side, there’s a space at the top. It’s like that on the kitchen window, my bedroom window, and our bathroom window. It’s what it would look like if one side had sunk lower than the other.

Also, the gate to our place, ever since we’ve moved there, after a while it doesn’t fit right. The gate sticks out too far so it like digs into the wood on the other side. And this gate is in the same orientation as said windows.

Anyway, it’s just a theory, but yeah, I think our place is sinking.

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