I’m watching this concert video right now and it’s pretty dope. It’s called Music for Montserrat, and it’s some benefit for whatever. The thing that’s cool is that it’s a seriously all star lineup, like Elton John, Sting, Phil Collins, some guy from Dire Straits, Jimmy Buffett, and Paul McCartney. And some people I don’t care about. Actually, that’s not the cool part. The cool part is when they play together.

Like, Paul McCartney ends the concert, and he sings Yesterday on piano, with Elton John on the other piano, Phil Collins on drums, the Dire Straits guy and Eric Clapton on electric guitar, and Sting, Jimmy Buffett et al. on background vocals. And then they trade off the leads, Paul, then Elton, then Sting. I don’t know, that’s absolutely dope to me. I would have paid a couple thousand bucks to be there seeing them and with thousands of people singing “na na” in unison. Incredible.

They actually close with another song, some uptempo blues song called “Kansas City” and Sting picks up a bass and Carl Perkins, some random white guy who wrote Blue Suede Shoes and other Elvis songs, picks up an electric. And then they trade licks and stuff like that. I don’t know, that’s just awesome to me.

Why am I writing this? No idea. Just, there’s a joy in hearing well-performed music, when the performers and the audience connect, and that’s a cool feeling. Music is a wonderful thing. And it’s a cool feeling when you feel so passionately about something that it just brings you pure joy. Anyway, I think I’m gonna buy the DVD – the last three tracks alone make it worth it.

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