One of the most memorable parts about going to East Asia was meeting missionaries from other places. Like, one time I got to hang out with a bunch of people from Campus Crusade in Korea, doing pretty much the same thing the U.S. Crusade stinters were doing. All the Koreans on our team went out and hung out with them. I don’t know, it was just a cool feeling, very global, and it was just like, we’re all on the same team, you know? I don’t know, it was just cool thinking how they do the same stuff we do around the world.

Like, my cousin was telling me about that once, how she was at some conference for IV staffers from around the world and she was talking with some staff from a country in Africa and how they have pretty much the same concerns, planning large group, small groups, meeting with student leaders, and stuff like that. I don’t know, that’s just kind of cool.

Another thing that was cool was at the end of the trip, we went touring with another group that included these two people from Romania. Dunno if Andrew remembers this. But you know, Romania is not a particularly “reached” country, I mean, there’s still a lot of work to be done there, and one of the women was saying how that’s what all of her friends/family said to her. Like, why the heck are you going overseas when there’s so much to be done here in Romania?

I’ll never forget her response. Her thinking was, all she knew is that Christians are supposed to go. She had the opportunity to go, so she went. They weren’t like the most perfect missionaries in the world, but that attitude just fascinated me.

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