Dunno if you looked at the list of DVDs we’ve watched on Henry’s page, but I’m proud because it’s actually a pretty good mix between genres and age.

The most surprisingly good movies we saw I think were The Red Violin and Run Lola Run. Just, hadn’t heard much about them but I liked both of them a lot. The most surprisingly bad movies were probably Blazing Saddles and Dazed and Confused. Dazed and Confused I didn’t have high hopes for, but it still disappointed me. It was so bad that Jieun was angry after we watched it. That’s bad.

Most disturbing: Boys Don’t Cry.

Most depressing: Grave of the Fireflies. Seriously, by the end, you just want to die.

Anyway, the ones I liked a lot were (in chronological order) Run Lola Run, Three Kings, Red Violin, Wag The Dog (I liked it, even though it dragged a bit), Frequency, Stand By Me, What Lies Beneath, Searching For Bobby Fischer, Music for Montserrat, Meet The Parents, and Parenthood.

But no one cares.

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