So, I got an e-mail from this guy I knew a long time ago and he said he found my web page from “Phil Yu’s page”. I don’t know anyone named Phil Yu. So I did a Google search and found his page, and sure enough, there’s a link to my page. (And Marshall’s page. Watch out, cuz.)

So I peruse his page and I still can’t figure out how the heck we’re connected. It turns out that he knows Minho, Tina Park, and Cy Kim. I’m going to say that there are exactly 2 people who really know that group of people. Random. Anyway, the web is scary.

Anyway, he’s apparently one of those Asian-American issues people and I was reading one of his rants about racism or something like that. In particular about the Simpsons. In particular, the episode with Mr. Sparkle.

I don’t know, I just feel like some people are oversensitive sometimes. There are all kinds. Oversensitive women’s issues people, Asian-American issues people, Christian people, etc. But like, you have to understand, the Simpsons makes fun of everyone in an offensive way. They make fun of Christians, teachers, students, Indians, cops, Asians, gays and lesbians (“Hey look, it’s Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneres!” “We’re lesbians!”), politicians, etc. Of course they’re going to make fun of Asians. That’s not racism. That’s equal opportunity.

And I’m sorry, that Mr. Sparkle episode was hilarious. What are you talking about racist? I thought it was right on. Don’t know much about Japanese culture, but from what I know, it was pretty faithful. Chill out; it wasn’t racist. It was funny.

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