I was talking last night about what the worst movie ever made was. This stemmed from Yellow, easily one of the worst movies made, but perhaps not the very worst. One friend said Johnny Mnemonic. Mostly because of Keanu’s acting. Another friend said Highlander 2. For lots of reasons, like the acting, and especially because every plot point is completely arbitrary and random. We was pretty vehement about it.

I don’t know, I still think the Big Brawl is the worst movie I’ve seen. It’s Jackie Chan’s first American movie, made in like the mid 80s or something. There’s a reason why there was such a long time between that and his next American release – it’s absolutely horrible. Terrible acting, utterly random plot. Here’s an example of the absurdity. Every Asian in the movie speaks flawless English. And then there’s Jackie, who plays their son and brother, speaking this terrible broken English. What the heck happened to you, Jackie? How were you raised?

Seriously, it was a really bad movie. I’m standing by it. The worst movie I’ve ever seen.

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