“Let the plain thing be the main thing.”

I dunno, maybe you heard that before, but it’s the first time I heard it. It was during small group; we were talking about a passage where certain details were confusing, but the main point was clear. At any rate, I buy that a lot. I dunno, I’m just a big fan of keeping things simple, and recently it’s been just those simple things that have impacted me.

So at worship team devotional on Saturday, one of the members led, and it wasn’t at all complicated or anything like that – we just read a few passages and talked a little about it. That’s it. But, I dunno, I was convicted. The first passage we read was the Mary and Martha passage, where Martha is all caught up in things she had to do, and complains when Mary doesn’t help.

Just, while we were reading it, it suddenly struck me – I am Martha. Read my last mymind. It’s completely a Martha attitude. I stand by everything I wrote – I still think one of the biggest problems at church is that there aren’t enough true servants anymore. But the point of the Martha story I think isn’t that whatever Martha was doing was wrong, but that you can’t let it distract you from what’s most important. And, I’ve been letting all these things in regards to service, and how no one does it, distract me from what’s important, and upon reflection, I see how it’s been affecting my Sundays.

So yeah, it was a short and simple, something I’ve read countless times, but it impacted me. It was reinforced by the children’s service pastor said briefly on Sunday, how Jesus is our rest. I don’t think I need overly complex expositions or whatever – it’s the simple reminders that seem to impact me most nowadays. Let the plain thing be the main thing.

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