Honestly, I’m thinking of taking down my page because basically all my thoughts suck now. Not that I ever had anything interesting to say, but it’s even more so now.

Anyway, I came across a Rich Mullins quote I had on an old page that’s kind of relevant to things that have been on my mind recently. Here it is.

“Take, for example, wisdom. Wisdom has at its source the ‘fear of the Lord’ – the highest regard and reverence for Him. The tendency among many of us, though, is to confuse wisdom with omniscience and to think ourselves wise in proportion to how much stuff we know. God calls us to be wise and provides us with Christ. We pressure ourselves to be all-knowing and fret over where Cain got his wife and how the earth can be as young as the scriptures claim when geologists say that it takes millions of years more than that to produce a barrel of oil. We tend to suspect that wisdom lies in the ability to answer imponderables rather than in Christ. And we sometimes end in self-contempt and even abandonment of our faith, not because our faith is false, but because we focused on a wisdom that is not a virtue but a vanity.”

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