I met some friends in San Jose today, and since I was in the area, of course I went to the Golfland on Blossom Hill. It brought back a lot of memories. I remember when Street Fighter II Championship Edition came out, they had like 5 machines in a row at this Golfland. Some pretty good players there. Keystone, which used to be right down the street on Almaden, also had a bunch in a row. I played there more often. This is the Keystone where someone got shot. When I heard about it, I wasn’t surprised.

Incidentally, my favorite versions of Street Fighter were Street Fighter II and Street Fighter II Turbo Championship Edition Hyper Fighting. I promise I am not making that second name up.

Anyway, they had this version of Pump It Up, something like International was in the name, and all the instructions and everything were in English. The thing that was cool about it was it had like songs we know. Like Oops I Did It Again and Mambo #5. I played it once, Hard level. I passed Bye Bye Bye pretty easily but failed on Take On Me.

It’s a lot more fun dancing to songs you know. It was pretty cool. Too bad it’s so far away.

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