Do gays and lesbians believe in evolution? I’m just curious because, and I’m making absolutely no judgment calls here, but it seems to me that those two ideas are contradictory.

Everyone knows that evolution is about survival of the fittest. And by “fittest” we mean fittest to reproduce, those with a reproductive advantage. According to evolution, that’s all that matters.

And the stance as I understand it of gays and lesbians nowadays is that their sexual orientation is genetic or in any case beyond their control.

But how do you reconcile those ideas? Given that evolution has occurred for millions of years, you would think that homosexuality would be one of the first genetic traits to disappear, since it’s a fatal trait in reproduction. There’s no way that trait can be passed on, and it seems to me that evolution would predict it to disappear. Bisexuality I can understand, but not homosexuality.

So yeah, again, no judgment calls, but I just don’t understand how those ideas work together. I’m sure there’s a way out of it, just, I don’t know it and it’s something I’ve wondered for a while. I guess ever since Bio 33.

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