, the online music branch of CBD, has some pretty good deals now on some CDs that I thought I’d share.

  • $6.49 – Real Life Conversations, Steven Curtis Chapman. This is his second album but I actually think it’s my favorite of his. Lots of classic songs on here like His Strength Is Perfect, His Eyes, My Turn Now. I’d say the only song I don’t really like is Wait. A good album.
  • $8.99 – More To This Life, Steven Curtis Chapman. Also pretty good.
  • $8.99 – The Friendship And The Fear, Matt Redman. Has a bunch of praise songs everyone sings now.
  • $9.99 – 6.1, Out Of The Grey. This album just came out and it’s a crime that it’s so inexpensive. I demand that everyone buy this album immediately. It’s a very good album. It just angers me that OotG doesn’t get the respect it deserves.
  • $3.99 – Gravity, Out Of The Grey. We’re getting into highway robbery area here. Anyway, this is the worst of OoTG’s albums, but it’s still OotG, and the song Never Got To Paris alone makes it worth the price. $3.99. That’s insane.
  • $3.99 – See Inside, Out Of The Grey. Again, highway robbery.
  • $3.99 – Remember This, Out Of The Grey. This is their best-of album. And it’s only 4 bucks. It makes me angry. Everyone must buy this album.
  • $3.99 – Streams, Various. I’ve written about how awesome this album is before. Just, incredible production and musicality and mood. This is a steal – I’m thinking of buying 10 of these.
  • $3.99 – The Jesus Record, Rich Mullins. This includes both his demo recordings and the covers by everyone else. I actually like the demos better, but whatever, it’s 2 CDs for only $4. A crime.
  • $6.49 – Pray For Rain, PFR. I still like their first album the best. It’s just catchy, poppy, rock. I love this album. Their other albums are also $6.49 but this I think is the only one really worth getting.
  • $3.99 – Tales Of Wonder, Whiteheart. In case you didn’t know, Whiteheart produced the best Christian rock album ever, Freedom. This album isn’t as good but it’s still very good. I don’t know what happened but everything they produced after this album completely sucked. But this one’s good.
  • $3.99 – Strangelanguage, Charlie Peacock. Another album where one song alone makes it worth it: Insult Like The Truth. Brilliant in every way. Can’t remember the rest of the album but I think it’s pretty good.

There are a bunch of other things available for cheap but these are the ones I definitely recommend.

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