Don’t want to steal Dave’s fire with the concert but yeah, me and Jieun had a great time. I always feel unsatisfied with Out of the Grey concerts because there’s so much more I want to hear, but I guess that’s the mark of a good concert – leaves you wanting more. But it was dope. Maybe I’ll write more after Dave does.

One thing that really humbled me – Twila Paris was an incredible pianist. Way better than me. And of course, she sings about a googol times better than I do. So basically, this person is far better than me musically in every way.

What I really liked was when she was playing her dope piano parts and leading everyone in singing some of her worship songs like You Have Been Good and He Is Exalted. Another impressive thing – she had amazing range. Like, I’m pretty sure she was hitting E’s on He Is Exalted and it didn’t sound terrible, which is remarkable for a woman. I dunno, I just think it’s cool to hear things that everyone knows straight from the source. She wrote the songs, you know? And there she was, playing and singing and leading it. Dope.

The most amazing thing about how incredibly musical Twila Paris is that she’s 80 years old. Just kidding. But she does look a lot older than I thought she was.

They should have turned up Scott’s guitar though. It was too quiet on just about every song.

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