A topic came up in Bible study last week that I’m still thinking about. The point was, sometimes, God puts things in our lives that are hard for the purpose of chastening us. In particular, with work, sometimes it’s supposed to be hard, not always fun, but in persisting God chastens and refines us and we’re blessed for it.

What came up was that this is somewhat at odds with some of the thinking about work nowadays. That thinking being that we should do what makes us happy or fulfills us somehow. I dunno. I’m thinking maybe people who only do what’s fun for them might be missing out on some of God’s blessings, because they’re avoiding this chastening. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot.

At any rate, I still think this whole thinking that we should do what makes us happy and finding fulfillment in a job and the whole free agent rapid turnover mentality that people have is a luxury. I don’t think it’s something that any generation before us, Christian or not, dealt with – they worked because they had to. And I think that’s more how it’s supposed to be. Just my opinion.

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