I think I’m the most introverted person I know.

Not that I don’t like people or always want to be by myself. I’ve just heard that an extrovert is someone who gets energy from being with people, and an introvert is someone who gets energy from being alone. Something like that.

And based on that definition, I’m extremely introverted. Maybe more than anyone else I know, I need my alone time, doing my own thing, every day. If I don’t get that hour or so of being able to do my own thing without being bothered by people (they can be around, just not bothering me) I get really annoyed and cranky. And drained. But give me that time and I’m good to go with people indefinitely. Is this weird? I dunno, that’s how I am. I think it’s weird because it seems like a lot of people I know want to hang out with people all the time, and many others are cool with hanging out with people at any time. I’m just not like that – there’s something wrong with me.

I feel pretty lucky though, because my roommates the past few years have all been really good about giving me that down time, whether they did it intentionally or not. And here’s the weird thing. Dave kind of made mention of it, but I’ve been lucky enough that for the past few years I’ve always had people to comfortably and enjoyably hang out with at home. Such that I’m still staying up all the time. I dunno, it’s just kind of weird, given how introverted I am, that I’m in that situation, but it’s really fortunate, I think.

So yeah, it’s been pretty ideal. I get my down time, but I can hang out with people if I want. So my life is pretty simple and boring. It’s just work, Jieun’s place, or home, and not much else. But I’m really happy with that. I’m very grateful for the roommates I’ve had. They’ve been ideal.

There are exceptions to my down time needs. I can think of two. One is Jieun. Being with her counts as down time. I have no idea why, it just is. Second is Thursday night Bohnanza with Eric and Arthur. Even if I’ve had no time to do anything, that time rejuvenates me. Random.

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