I have 4 strong memories of that eating club with Q-Bert.

  1. Valentine’s Day 1996. That was the year we spent literally all day making care packages for the sisters. Ridiculous amount of work, but a fun day.
  2. Some AANSOC activity. I think it was AANSOC. Whatever it was, what we did was eat Chinese food and watch the Wedding Banquet. Weird movie.
  3. FiCS year end dinner. Does anyone else remember this? We also had Chinese food. A lot of us played Q-Bert that evening.
  4. To Live. This one I’m not sure about. But I think it was here. Before our mission trip to East Asia, some of us watched this movie, can’t remember why, some sort of cultural awareness type stuff. Movie was pretty good, but they used the exact same music in every transition. I dunno, I’m sensitive to music so the 100th time, I was looking for a blunt object to smash into my skull.

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