Hate the way Drew ends his entries. Argh. It’s like saying, you can disagree – if you disagree with Jesus. Way to keep the debate fair and reasonable. Anger. That’s something Hitler would do… twice.

Won’t extend this too much further. Disagree with his interpretation of Scripture. Don’t think text says Paul happened to minister more to Gentiles just because he happened to go to places where there were more, but that he was specifically sent there for the purpose of reaching Gentiles. Same with Peter – text says he was called to Jews even though text indicates there were others where he was. Can’t resolve this – just a disagreement in Scripture interpretation.

Disagree with idea that multi-ethnic alone is best, which is his claim. Think targetting particular segments is collectively best for the Kingdom. Sorry for saying experts think this but it was honestly a big point made in Perspectives, I heard the Urbana thing, and I have honestly not heard experts saying the opposite – that having only multi-ethnic churches is best. And I fully admit this may just be my ignorance.

I think another basic disagreement is that Drew thinks what can be better and I think what I think is better. His arguments center around, what if this happened, this can happen, etc. Mine are more what I think does happen – not what actually happens, just what I think happens. So I refer to Fong’s research and whatever. Drew thinks Asians in general can be reached better through multi-ethnic churches. I think this doesn’t happen. Hasn’t in the past unless the church was majority Asian, and Asians in general hang out with mostly other Asians. So again, a basic disagreement between what he thinks can happen and what I think does happen. So, agree to disagree.

Drew has a much higher standard to meet. I think multi-ethnic churches are great. We should have them. We should have all kinds of churches, trying to reach different groups. I think that’s great, and that’s best. So all his advantages for the multi-ethnic church, I can also claim. I want multi-ethnic churches. But he has to show more than why it’s good, why having it is the only way, such that Asian-American churches all need to be challenged. Implicitly saying, if it’s not a multi-ethnic church, it should be challenged and changed. Good things happen at multi-ethnic churches that don’t happen in other churches. 100% agree. And so we should not have Asian-American churches? Huh?

What about the fact that good things happen at Asian-American churches that don’t happen at multi-ethnic churches? Of course, this gets back to the can/is thing. I think Drew’s saying that all the good things that happen at AA churches can happen better at multi-ethnic churches. That those Asian non-Christians that feel comfortable at AA churches can also feel comfortable at multi-ethnic churches. I just disagree about this, so we can’t et over it. So there’s a logical disconnect to me. Multi-ethnic churches have some advantages over AA churches. So only have ME churches? Huh? Where does that come from? What about the advantages of the AA church? But again, fundamental disagreement.

Uh, no one cares anymore and I’ve said more than enough to make my point so yeah, that’s it from me.

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