I haven’t been getting enough sleep at home. The reason being, I’ve had to go to lunches and stuff so I’m forced to get up for them. I’ve got problems.

I love being in Houston, especially since, as I said, it’s so rare now. But it’s been feeling more and more different. This is weird, but I’m kind of itching to go back to Palo Alto. Houston feels even less like “home” than it did before. Palo Alto is my “home”.

Not sure why that is. Partly I think because my sister’s married and doesn’t live here anymore. It’s a completely different feeling, especially on Christmas. So no more stockings for us, no more wrapped gifts, no tree.

I think it’s more than that though. I dunno, I feel like now that I’ve graduated, and I’m working and whatever, that I’m starting to establish my own home in the Bay Area. That’s where I’m most comfortable, it’s where I’m independent, and just in that intangible way, that’s where home is now, in a way I’ve never felt when I’ve come back here before. It’s just been a more melancholy vacation for me.

Merry Christmas to whatever losers are reading this page this day. Jesus is the reason for the season.

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