There’s a gas station that’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. Yes, I have favorite gas stations. #1 is probably still the Shell on El Camino near 87. Relatively cheap, you get the 5% Shell Mastercard discount, and a free car wash. Hard to beat.

#2 I think is now the Shell just off of 101 on Bowers. It’s even cheaper than the other Shell, and if you fill up with at least 8 gallons, you get a free hamburger at the McDonald’s next door. Kind of a random promotion. But it’s great. Sometimes, a McDonald’s hamburger hits the spot. And it’s free!

Why am I cheap like this? No clue. Like, someone was mentioning how it’s odd how people spend tons of money to go to an NBA game and then go crazy when the team scores 100 and they get a free Chalupa worth less than a dollar. It is crazy. But that’s me.

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