Tonight I randomly decided to listen for a while to 100.7 The Bridge, another Christian station in the Bay Area.

I was really impressed. Just, an incredible mix of music, stuff you don’t hear on like K-Love, and minimum crap. I was shocked – I didn’t know there was Christian music that was that good out there. Like, they played a lot of Delirious? A lot of dope black sounding music. This dope mix of DC Talk’s The Hard Way that I bet everyone else has heard but me that was incredible.

Also played Lifehouse and P.O.D., something you wouldn’t expect on a Christian station – ballsy. And then the last song I heard was Jars of Clay’s Fade To Grey, one of most energetic songs ever made, which of course means CCM radio stations don’t play it. I nearly peed in my pants.

I dunno, I hadn’t yet come across a Christian station that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to play with a coworker in the car but the Bridge might be it. Good stuff.

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