Had okonomiyaki for the first time. Not a big fan.

I dunno, I think Japan is going down. I don’t mean (just) their economy is collapsing. I mean purely in numbers. Dunno if you read this, the birth rate in Japan is slowing down so significantly that at some point in the relatively near future, the population of Japan will start shrinking.

Outside of Japan also. I read somewhere that I think one of every two Japanese-Americans are married to non-Japanese-Americans. Also read that Japantowns around the country are really struggling to survive – there just aren’t enough Japanese around to support them anymore. They’re becoming either touristy type places or just dying. It’s really interesting.

So yeah, I dunno, when our parents were growing up, learning German was important (my parents both took German). There was a time when a lot of businessmen learned a bit of Japanese. If you ask me, the next important language for business is gonna be Chinese. Maybe that’s obvious, but yeah, that’s the future. I just hope it’s Mandarin and not Cantonese, which is objectively the worst sounding language on Earth.

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