A thought I’ve had was, maybe I should try to dominate a sport that no one plays in the U.S. so that I could go to the Olympics. Like, I dunno, biathlon. I could probably make the U.S. team by default.

Side note. Do you remember this one Winter Olympics when like there was a slalom skier from a place like Egypt? It was obvious that he couldn’t ski at all, and he was kind of stepping down the hill. He took so long that he got passed by the next guy going down the hill. Do you understand how absurd that is? It was hilarious, this guy, first time on skies, participating in the Olympics.

So yeah, I dunno, wouldn’t it kind of be cool to do something like that? Just, to go to the Olympics. So yeah, if you’re interested in getting into curling, let me know. I did a little research and that’s the sport that takes the least physical ability. Someday.

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