I’m against the Americans competing for other countries thing. I dunno, do you remember that figure skater a while back, she was Korean-American from I think Orange County that competed for Korea? She was like the worst one on the ice, and she competed first. The first ones to go basically provide the baseline in scores.

I guess it’s no different in principle from what I want to do, just, get to the Olympics somehow. It’s just, to me, I’m an American. If we went to war with Korea, I’d fight for America. So I dunno, it just doesn’t feel right to me to compete for another country. And there are rules saying if you compete for one country, you can’t ever compete for another one. So yeah, it doesn’t feel right.

Pretty absurd, talking about which country I’m going to represent at the Olympics. But I’m telling you, once my training for curling starts going in earnest, it’s going to become an issue.

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