Dan Patrick on booing Kobe.

I dunno, I’m all for booing opposing players (you know I boo Scottie Pippen everytime he touches the ball when he plays Houston. I’ll even boo Troy Aikman on ESPN Classic until I die) but there’s something different about the All-Star Game. You might not see it, but you’re obviously missing something, since every sportswriter/sportscaster has spoken against it, and the mayor of Philadelphia felt it necessary to personally apologize to Kobe.

The only person I heard defend the Philly fans was JT The Brick. I dunno, he’s funny sometimes, because he’s hard core about what he believes in, and screw what anyone else thinks. He recently went off on this rant about how we should close the borders and keep everyone out, keep the undesirable outsiders from ruining this country. I dunno, it was hilarious to me.

As for Raider fans – there’s a reason why Rome calls them “battery chuckers by the Bay”.

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