I went to a friend’s daughter’s 1 year old birthday over the weekend. Maybe I’m sheltered, but yeah, I didn’t realize what a big deal it was. The coolest thing was this thing they do, I don’t know if it’s a Korean thing or an Asian thing or whatever; like I said, I was clueless about stuff like this. Anyway, they lay out 4 objects in front of her on the table: a small bowl of rice, a spool of thread, a hundred dollar bill, and a pen. Then they sit her down and the first thing she grabs for, represents something that will happen in her life. If she goes for the rice, she’ll have lots of children; the thread, long life; the bill, material wealth; the pen, academic achievement (or something like that).

She went for the bill, without hesitation.

Anyway, I dunno, it was interesting to me, so I asked my mom what I chose. She said the pen, or whatever the scholarly one was. So, I’m just curious if other people did this also, and if so, what they chose. Does anyone even know?

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