Went to hear Dallas Willard at Veritas on Friday. Honestly, it was pretty boring. Interesting content, soporific delivery.

He did say one thing I found absolutely fascinating however. Someone asked what he thinks about people who don’t accept Christ as savior but who do live their lives for others and find fulfillment. Are they deceiving themselves? Are they really happy?

His response: he doesn’t doubt that they are fulfilled. He thinks there are lots of people who are fulfilled without knowing Jesus. The difference to him is magnitude. You can find some fulfillment apart from Christ. But Christ gives a level of fulfillment that’s much deeper, that can’t be matched. That’s the difference.

I thought it fascinating. Just, I’m not sure I’ve heard that from a Christian before. It kind of makes me rethink my “testimony”. And I dunno, we were studying joy in Bible Study a few weeks ago and this phrase “fullness of joy” kept popping up. I’m thinking maybe it’s like that? You can know joy in many ways, but there’s only one way to know fullness of joy? I’m not sure, it’s just something that talk made me think about.

Os Guinness tomorrow! Woohoo! Who’s excited? I’m pretty excited. Finally, my chance to definitely prove that John is wrong (again).

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